Installing pybids on Windows machines via conda

Hi experts,

I am teaching an fMRI data analysis class, focusing on scripting with nipype. It came to my attention recently that pybids cannot be installed on Windows computer (via conda). This is very problematic since some students in the class use Windows computers, and some labs in our institution use Windows computers for data processing. Is there any way to install pybids on Windows machines? I don’t think pip works either.


-Satoru Hayasaka

Hi there,

one possibility could be to build up a docker container installing all the things you need for your course and let them work in that container. This should largely reduce the differences between the operating systems. Similar to this:

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Thank you very much for your response. I was hoping that students install all necessary software and libraries on their computers so that they can use those tools later for their research. I haven’t considered Docker for that reason until now, but it appears to me a reasonable solution now.


-Satoru Hayasaka