'Intended For' in fmap json file

Recently I have been writing the configure json to do the conversion.When it turns to fmap,the ‘Intended For’ parameter has left me some confusion.Would you like to explain how the number ‘0’ ‘1’ ‘2’ refers to one func images respectively.What’s the sequence do they fit the func image?Why one number refers to one specific func image and how do they know ‘0’ matches what func image and ‘1’ matches another image and so on

Like that,in the dcm2bids HOW-TO-GUIDES Create a config file - Dcm2Bids ,why the ‘1’ means it is intended for task-rest_bold,and ‘2’,‘3’ refers to other images respectively

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Hi @collapse and welcome to neurostars!

The 0, 1, 2, etc. refer to the position of the scan you want to associate the fmap with in your config file, 0-indexed. So for example, if your fmap relates to the first scan in the config file, then you would put 0 for the intendedfor field, Intendedfor of 1 would be for the second image, and so on.


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That helps me a lot.Then I can use 0/1/2 to replace the whole func name later in the config file.It will save a lot of time.

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