IntendedFor with fieldmaps for all EPIs

Hi All,

After running heudiconv, I did not add IntendedFor in my fieldmap JSONs, so at the beginning of fMRIPrep (which finished successfully) I got:
“None of the available B0 fieldmaps are associated to </data/sub-01/ses-01/func/sub-01_ses-01_task-physoc_run-1_bold.nii.gz>”
“Setting-up fieldmap “auto_00000” (EstimatorType.PEPOLAR) with <sub-01_ses-01_acq-opphase_dir-AP_epi.nii.gz, sub-01_ses-01_acq-opphase_dir-PA_epi.nii.gz>”

My question is 1) are there any issues with continuing with no IntendedFor, as I want to use my AP and PA fieldmaps to correct all EPIs and I don’t need to point to specific ones?

  1. If, for some reason, I want to point my fieldmaps to a specific EPI, should I add IntendedFor under both sub-01_ses-01_acq-opphase_dir-AP_epi.json and sub-01_ses-01_acq-opphase_dir-PA_epi.json?

Thanks a lot for the help!

Yes, you need the IntendedFor field, and should explicitly state which EPIs each fmap is associated with, even if it all of them.

Yes, the IntendedFor field should be in each json file corresponding to an fmap you want to use.

Great, thanks for the help!