Inter-subject decoding datasets

Hi Neurostars community, I’m searching additional fMRI datasets for an extensive benchmark of methods. I already searched through OpenNeuro and don’t find anymore.

I need datasets :

  • with a non-trivial decoding task. (block-design)
  • with several subjects (at least 4 but many are welcome)
  • with several sessions per subject (and if possible with additional tasks beyond the decoding one(e.g. localizer, naturalistic, task ; no RS))
  • public or not.

For now the one I’m mostly using are Individual Brain Charting ; BOLD5000 ; Forrest.

If you have any name or data you can share it would be of great help to yield more representative results.

Thank you very much,

Note : HCP, MSC (Midnight Scanning Club) don’t have proper decoding tasks.

One of ours might work, “DMCC13benchmark” on openneuro:

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It seems that we can include it, thanks a lot for the pointer ! Would it be possible to access all subjects data preprocessed in MNI space ? I have trouble running fmriprep on the data fetched on openneuro.

Yes, we should be able to get you the preprocessed images; email me and we can work out the details. We plan to include both the HCP pipeline and fmriprep-processed versions on openneuro eventually but I haven’t gotten to it yet.