Interdisciplinary Symposium on Cognitive Ontologies (ISCO)

Dear Community,

The Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCNS) is hosting an Interdisciplinary Symposium on Cognitive Ontologies (ISCO) on May 26th, 2021.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together scientists from various fields of research, including cognitive neuroscience, philosophy and computer science, to discuss current advances and future perspectives in the development of cognitive ontologies for knowledge accumulation and integration in Cognitive (Neuro)Science. We will discuss the challenges and chances of ontology-based knowledge representation and management by addressing issues such as current thoughts and practices of conceptualising cognitive functions, top-down and data-driven approaches in developing cognitive ontologies, recent progress on formal ontology engineering and controlled vocabularies for automated data retrieval and reasoning, as well as future perspectives on developing a comprehensive cognitive ontology.

We are very happy to announce that we will be joined by the following speakers:

Arthur M. Jacobs (FU Berlin, Germany)

Russell Poldrack (Stanford University, USA)

Javier Gomez-Lavin (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Giancarlo Guizzardi (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)

Barry Smith (State University of New York, Buffalo, USA)

Kay Robbins (University of Texas, USA)

Jessica Turner (Georgia State University, USA)

Anna Ravenschlag (University of Salzburg, Austria)

Monique Denissen (University of Salzburg, Austria)

Details on the programme can be found on our symposium website. The symposium will be held online via Zoom and is free of charge. If you want to join us, please visit our website to register. Registration will be open until the 23rd of May.

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,
The ISCO Team