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Hello Neuromatchers!

I’m seeing a lot of good activity in pods exchanging interesting links and references for the day. Let’s let everybody benefit from this by posting in this public category - other interactives and observers will be able to see this too. I’ll start - this resource on information theory comes from @Nishant over in vivacious-giraffe:

So I was doing this coursera course on computational neuroscience and Rich Pang from Adrienne Fairhall’s lab explained entropy and information theory really well (at least for someone with a non-mathematical background.)

What are some good references for the day?


Some materials on why the exponential distribution is the maximum entropy distribution under a fixed mean constraint.

Friendly introduction with other constraint examples:

Formal treatment (Theorem 6.7):


Note that for @pmin 's links, you must log in to coursera and enroll in the course (free) for links to work


guys we please do this for every day…

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@sanil.4281222 start a new thread with a few links!


thanks but i do not have any resource link. i was interested in the links myself