Introduction/tutorials to neuroimaging/(f)MRI world for an undergrad

I wonder what materials (tutorials, books, etc) our neuro stars would recommend to introduce a new undergrad, who is eager to get started with neuroimaging while also learning Python, There is a number of reasonable materials which could be googled up, so I have decided to ask for which ones you would recommend.

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So if we are talking about MRI I tend to agree with the list of online ressources put together by Jonathan Peele:

In terms of books:
But if I had to recommend one book that will give you the conceptual understanding without drowning you in equations (in terms of data analysis not in terms of data acquisition) I would point to the one by Poldrack, Mumford and Nichols: Definitely worth reading back to front when starting.


Next level up is: . More mathematical and more formal it its approach.

Then if you are feeling lucky and want something even more formal, the whole SPM bible (well an older version of it at least) is available online:
But some of the things there might be more SPM specific in terms of lingo/flavor/philosophy.

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how about fmri4newbies for some neuroimaging basics?

For python, “alone” and within the context of neuroimaging:


A bit of a shameless plug but I have made a laundry list of neuroimaging ressources here. Some of it might be relevant to beginners but not only.

I will try to keep updating it regularly so you can send me your suggestions (or fork the repo and send a pull request).

I would recommend these books. Short and easy. Specially the one titled “Introduction to Neuroimaging Analysis” by Mark Jenkinson and Michael Chapell, although all of them are worth it.

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