Is the nilearn mni brain flipped L-R?

Hi all,
So I have discovered something upon staring very closely at the background images for nilearn plots and I need some verification/reassurance:

Is the default background MNI brain that nilearn uses for plotting flipped L-R compared to the labels???

(here is a comparison of a figure from the website versus the atlas opened in FSL (note that I intentionally switched to L=L in FSL to demonstrate this)

It’s not restricted to the figures on the website, but also the current code (2nd screenshot)

I know this doesn’t change the interpretation of anyone’s data specifically, but we do want this to be correct of course and/or Please let me know what is going on here.

Thank you all!



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anyone? (tagging some nilearn people to see if they can help):

you found a bug! thanks for reporting it. as this needs to be fixed I suggest we continue in the bug tracker:


Great! Thank you for reviewing.