Is there a way to produce a BIDS .json from non-image DICOM?


Some of our MR scans are spectroscopy stored as DICOM, and we would like a way to convert the metadata in the DICOM to a BIDS .json file. I have been using dcm2niix for all of our other scans, but dcm2niix very understandably fails on these since there is no image to convert into a .nii. I have looked at many other DICOM to BIDS converters, but they all seem to be wrappers around dcm2niix.

Is there an existing program that simply extracts the DICOM metadata into BIDS JSON without trying to make a .nii? Or should I modify dcm2niix to go ahead and write the .json even if it can’t make a .nii?

I thought EEG might be an example of non-imaging BIDS, but the catch seems to be finding an example that is not imaging but still getting the metadata from DICOM.




That worked, thanks! It might also clean up our processing pipelines for the various formats of MRS data.