Is there a way to rename a BIDS session completely?

I have a project where I need to rename some sessions.

I run the (Siemens) DICOMS through heudiconv to format them according to BIDS, but I’m not sure when is the best time to change the session label to make sure all the meta-data is converted.

When is the best place to change the session label; and if it’s after the BIDS conversion stage, is there a tool to do that for me?

Ahoi hoi @Trevor_Day,

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I’m not entirely sure if I got what you want to do, hence please excuse if my answer is a bit off.
How many sessions are included in your dataset and should all of them be included after the conversion to BIDS? Why do want to change the session label?
In general, I would recommend to specify the session label at the earliest stage possible, that is the conversion from DICOM to BIDS. Assuming you went through the heudiconv tutorials, you probably saw how to specify the session label within your

Re changing the session label after conversion to BIDS: I’m not aware of any tool that would change it for you. Hence, you would need to write a small script/function to do so.

HTH and sorry again if my answer is off. Hopefully other folks will chime in.

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