Is there parcellation file for Shen 268 nodes atlas based on cifti data (surface based)

Hi, everyone! I am trying to construct functional connectivity matrix using cifti fmri data. Now I want to use Shen 268 nodes atlas, but I cannot find its parcellation file (i.e., .dlabel.nii) given the original version is volume-based. Have you ever constructed a parcellation copy or is there any on the internet? Thank you very much!

Hi @psychelzh,

Download → Surface

Does that work for you?


Thank you very much! What I am confusing about is that according to -cifti-parcellate of Workbench, it requires a “cifti label file” for parcellation. Now files downloaded from NeuroVault is two .gii files separately for left and right. After a search on Workbench command, I found -label-merge, so I am assuming I could just merge these two .gii files. Am I correct?

Thanks again. I am sorry for putting up such a fundamental question here.

Hmm, I’m not sure. Those func.gii files seem to just be metric files, but the actual brain template those values map on to are not provided. It is unclear if it is some standard template like fsaverage or something else. I would perhaps try to get in contact with one of the distributors of the template to ask.

You are correct. Actually, wb_command -label-merge throws warnings and error:

WARNING: label file 'derivatives/Shen_268_parcellation/395091.L.func.gii' contains data array with data type other than int32

WARNING: label file 'derivatives/Shen_268_parcellation/395091.R.func.gii' contains data array with data type other than int32

While running:
wb_command -label-merge shen268.label.gii -label derivatives/Shen_268_parcellation/395091.L.func.gii -label derivatives/Shen_268_parcellation/395091.R.func.gii

ERROR: file 'derivatives/Shen_268_parcellation/395091.R.func.gii' has a different structure than the first

Hmm, I am wondering how use shen 268 parcellation after xcp_d pipeline with --cifti. Should I use volume template instead?