Is visual quality control performed on dHCP data done on both T1w and T2w scans?


In the seminal paper of (Makropoulos and al, 2018) the visual QC performed on 160 scans is described in a dedicated paragraph:

Scoring was performed by visual inspection of the whole 3D volume slice by slice. Poor quality images were rated with score 1. Images with significant motion were rated with score 2. Images with negligible motion (visible only in a few slices) were rated with score 3. Images of good quality with no visible artefacts were rated with score 4.

  • I assumed this visual QC has been done on T2w images only
  • Has it been also performed on T1w volume when available as there are some snapshots from MRI_QC generated on T1w ?
  • How does this relate to the neurological score found at the session level and the Q value (poor quality)?

Thank you in advance for your reply,