Issue running fmriprep version 1.2.3


I just installed the latest fmriprep version (v1.2.3); however, when I tried running it I got this error:

ERROR  : Failed to mount ext3 image: Invalid argument
ABORT  : Retval = 255

Prior to this I’ve been using version 1.1.7 without any issues. To run the container I do:
unset PYTHONPATH; singularity run $data_dir/$subj/fmriprep_1.2.3.img

I was wondering if there are any thoughts as to why I’m having this issue now?



This seems more like a singularity error than fmriprep one (potentially due to some changes on your cluster). To narrow it down I would recommend:

  1. Trying to run your old (1.1.7) container.
  2. Trying to create and new .img file for 1.1.7 using the same way you just created 1.2.3, and running that.

This should help you generate enough information to let your admin know what’s going on.

I re-created the container (v1.2.3) and now it runs just fine. I think it prematurely stopped before and I didn’t realize it.