Issues with dHCP-structural-pipeline

Thank you for your help! @lzjwilliams

Apologies for the confusion @lzjwilliams @EmmaR . I do not need midthickness surfaces specifically, but am looking for the surfaces described on the challenge website (description copied below):

The challenge data set will include the same data sets and splits as used by [Fawaz et al., 2021; Dahan et al., 2022]: these include cortical surface meshes and 4 cortical metric files (sulcal depth, cortical thickness, curvature and T1/T2 myelin maps; shown below) acquired from 514 neonates scanned as part of the dHCP project, of which 95 are born preterm (<37 weeks’ gestational age). We have also included white and pial surfaces, which participants might find useful for the derivation of other morphological features such as surface area.

Can you provide additional instructions on where I can find these?

Hi @cbasinski,

The native space cortical surfaces (pial and white) are located at /Data/Regression/Native_Space/

If you have any further questions, email me offline and I’d be happy to chat there :slight_smile:


Hi Inès
I am getting the same err,Have yuo solved this problem?could you give me a solution?