Issues with FMRIPREP V1.3.0.post2


To follow-up with previous bad segmentation of T1, we had rerun fmriprep v.1.3.0.post2 couple of time but we still got the same bad T1 segmentation. We are currently testing with the v.1.4.1 What would you recommend?


Continuing the discussion from Fmriprep V1.4.0 does not correct for INU and generate a full html report:

The issue you referenced points to an unrelated problem: although fMRIPrep internally uses INU-corrected images, the report shows an uncorrected version.

To diagnose the bad segmentation we will need more details (starting with a visual example of those bad segmentations).

@ThomasTT, sorry I didn’t realize you actually posted examples in the other thread.

Have you made any progress on this?