[Job offer] The most comprehensive brain mapping experiment

We are hiring an engineer to collaborate with the Individual Brain Charting Project.
The engineer will be in charge of adapting a set of protocols and running them on the existing
pool of 12 subjects. These protocols will be provided by the community, potentially from in-
house developments, and are meant to cover a diverse array of cognitive processes (in the sense of
cognitive atlas). The validation, necessary adaptations, and implementations
of these protocols will be carried out in close collaboration with the Unicog lab at Neurospin.
The engineer will participate in the acquisitions conducted on the Neurospin 3T (and, possibly
later, the 7T) scanner. The data are acquired at high resolution (1.5mm) and will be analyzed
using a pipeline provided by the lab. S/he will be involved in the improvement of this pipeline and
will obtain activation maps related to the various contrasts, with support from technical experts.
The data will be analyzed both at the volume level and on the cortical surface. Detailed reports will
be provided to assess the quality of the data, motivate the participants and document the content
of the database.
The data will also systematically be compared with existing resources (Openneuro, NeuroVault,
Neurosynth, Human Connectome Project) and uploaded to Openneuro, NeuoVault and the Human Brain Porject platform, Ebrains.

Details can be found here:

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