.json creation from nifti file

Hello to everybody. I have some MRI dataset in nifti format (without the dicoms), but I need the metadata for the bids app. There is a method for obtaining this data (in .json files) from the nifti.
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Unfortunately no. To get the information to make a full JSON file, you would need the dicoms and/or the full scanner protocol document. That being said, apps like fMRIPrep do not use every JSON field, and you could potentially get away by making a very small JSON that just has the bare-minimum fields.

I don’t know what they are off the top of my head, but I believe they include:


And then “SliceTiming” if you want slice-timing correction.


Thank you, Steve. For my own, I did attempt to replicate the .json, but I ran into some issues with the slice timing, which in some cases seemed to be the same time for every slice. You are aware of how to indicate these using the standard nomenclature, such as ascending or descending.

The slice timing input is just a list of the slice times, where the nth index is at what time in the TR the nth slice was collected. There are no json fields for “ascending” or “descending” slice times.