Latest versions fmriprep did not finish openFMRI dataset ds000164 on

Hey guys,

I noticed that for the openFMRI dataset ds000164 (,
the fmriprep containers only processed subject 1 (for fmriprep 1.0.15) or subject 1-3 (1.0.14).

Anyone an idea what went wrong here?


I don’t think anything went wrong there. Those jobs were scheduled to only process a subset of the whole dataset:

Do you need FMRIPREP outputs for all the participants for this dataset?

Oh, then I completely misunderstood the purpose of this. I thought for all openfmri datasets you now also offered a fmriprep’d derivative. But apparently this depends on what the admin of the dataset does…

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That is correct. But if you have a specific need, please get in touch we might be able to facilitate it.