Lecture Intro slides

Hi all,

Was anyone able to download the slides for the intro lecture W1D4 (Machine Learning)?

It does not seem to load for me!

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Can you try again? It works for me.

The direct link is here: https://mfr.ca-1.osf.io/render?url=https://osf.io/qxfz9/?direct%26mode=render%26action=download%26mode=render

The file format seems to be impossible to download and save for me.

Wondering if the lecture slides could be uploaded in pdf format henceforth?

Basically I think the file size is too large and the upload is in a keynote format. My much older Mac struggles with it, I think.

Just as a feedback point, it would be more accessible to host lecture slides on the content page in pdf format - universally easy to download and print.