List of preprocessing steps using the CAT12 default parameters

I use CAT12 to preprocess my sMRI images using the default parameters. I would like to include a short description with all ‘necessary’ preprocessing steps. I know that the CAT12 manual includes a description of all steps, but (looking at the literature) it seems like a lot of authors leave some steps out or use parameters other than default.

Here’s a list of steps in order of appearance in the CAT12 manual (p.13)

  • (SANLM) denoising filter (Manjón et al., 2010)
  • unified segmentatio” (Ashburner and Friston, 2005)
  • AMAP segmentation step (Rajapakse et al., 1997)
  • DARTEL (Ashburner, 2007)

I know this question might be a little bit tricky, but is there a ‘golden rule’ to report preprocessing pipelines? Are some steps ‘more important’ than others, i.e. is there a reason why lots of authors just leave out some steps?