Looking for open fMRI datasets - alcohol consumptions

Hi all!

I’m looking for resting-state fMRI data (from healthy controls), which is also comprising information about alcohol consumption, or alcohol dependence questionnaires (AUDIT, ADS, etc…). Does anyone know of any open fMRI dataset with similar information? I checked the openneuro.org website, as well as the fcon_1000 projects, but no success…

Any suggestion/help is really appreciated!



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Perhaps some of these hits might be useful: https://toolbox.google.com/datasetsearch/search?query=alcohol%20fmri&docid=8lZhutBQ4IXWrk4vAAAAAA%3D%3D

(there is a chance that no such public dataset exists)


Thank you very much, I will have a look at this, that’s precious help!

(I’m starting to think it is quite an impossible mission, fingers crossed)