Looking for public fMRI datasets - viewing natural images

Hi all,

I’m exploring a public fMRI dataset recording the visual cortex while viewing natural images (maybe preferably single object).

Here is the list of dataset I’m aware of:

Are they any other dataset available? Do you know what are the major pros and cons of these existing datasets?

Thanks for your input or advice on this in advance!


@seoyoung.ahn are you aware of https://openfmri.org/ ?

All best

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was looking for the same. thanks Anastasia

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This tutorial has links for several datasets
(https://colab.research.google.com/github/brainiak/brainiak-tutorials/blob/master/tutorials/colab-env-setup.ipynb#scrollTo=1FFAkp5hJrNr). Here is a link with tutorials on how to load the provided datasets (https://brainiak.org/tutorials/). The specifc tutorial numbers and datasets are:

Tutorial 2: VDC (Kim et al., 2017)
Tutorials 3-5: VDC (Kim et al., 2017)
Tutorial 6: Ninety Six (Kriegeskorte et al., 2008)
Tutorials 7: Face-scene (Turk-Browne et al., 2012). The script for within subject searchlight uses the VDC dataset.
Tutorial 9: Face-scene (Turk-Browne et al., 2012)
Tutorial 8: Latatt (Hutchinson et al., 2016)
Tutorial 10: Pieman2 (Simony et al., 2016)
Tutorial 11: Raider (Haxby et al., 2011) and Pieman2 (Simony et al., 2016)
Tutorial 12: Sherlock_processed (Chen et al., 2017)

There are a few datasets included in this tutorial, I see that the Sherlock dataset was already mentioned above, though.