Maintain super the dataset structure with subdatasets when publishing into github


I have a super dataset that includes two subdatasets and I want to publish it into a github repo with google drive dependency.
How can I create one github repo with the same structure as my super dataset to publish the subdatasets? (one main folder and two subfolders)
If I create one github repo for the superdataset I am getting an error for subdtasets while trying to publish. If I use datalad create-sibling-github with -r flag, I am getting more than one repo for it which is not preferred.

Hi @Hoda_RJ,
If I’m understanding your problem correctly, I’m afraid what you would want to do isn’t possible - every dataset (i.e., your superdataset and each of the two subdatasets) is a single repository, you can’t publish three datasets into only one GitHub repo. If I may ask, why is getting more than one repo not preferred?

Hi @adina,
I get the concept now. So every dataset can be published separately since it is independent regardless of being/having a subdataset. therefore, in my case, I will turn the subdatasets into normal contents to keep the structure on github.
Thanks for the explanation.

Hey @Hoda_RJ, great that it helped. Just for the sake of completeness, in case you are not aware: When publishing a hierarchy of datasets, the structure is identical (just split between repositories). Checkout as an example. In there, you’ll find a subdataset (“remodnav”). Clicking on that directory takes you to the respective repository, and if you clone the superdataset, you can datalad get the subdatasets just like any other file.

Thanks for the additional info.