Marking issues resolved

As NeuroStars has become a de facto help page for a number of software packages, it would be useful to be able to mark threads as resolved. This would enable project members can quickly search for outstanding issues for their project.


There’s an off-the-shelf plugin for that:
We’re using in OpenMOLE’s discourse and have been quite happy about it for now :slight_smile:
Would be great to deploy here indeed!


@satra who is the current admin to help with this?

@fitz would be the right person.

discourse-solved is enabled, but i believe the original poster has to do it. or a person has to reach a certain level.

Right, the OP has to do it or someone with a trust level of “4”.
Would it be a good idea to lower that trust level?

As the OP of this post, I’d like to mark it solved, but I can’t. So I guess it isn’t? When I can, I will. Because it will be. :slight_smile:

Oops. Ok…just noticed there’s a setting that says “allow solved on all topics” that was not ticked.
I guess the default is that only certain categories allow for “Solved” flagging.
Do you see the option now?

Found it. It’s now solved.

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sorry, but it looks like i can “unresolved” the issue :wink:

not sure how to undo… and probably I shouldn’t be able to do it on your post

Are you an admin or moderator of the discourse @djarecka? If so, then yes you can also accept answers on behalf of the OP

not that I’m aware of… I should be just a member

@jopasserat - you might also see this option when you clink on the dots (to see more options) below the post. you can check if you are allowed to change it. I tested that I can also resolve other questions (perfect plan for Saturday - resolving all neurostar issues :wink:

Not yet :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the dots as a first level user and now that I’m at the “basic user” trust level I see them but the “dots” only give me the option to flag.

Your trust level is higher: “member” so I guess that’s when you start having the possibility to accept answers on topics other than yours.

I guess this can be set by admins who might want to have a “moderator” crew to grant this permission to.

that’s my point, i believe a random member should not be able to to mark other people question as solved.