Matching ParcelID with 'annot' in Gordon Atlas

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I am currently working with the Gordon atlas and I have encountered a bit of a challenge. I have a list of ParcelIDs (333nodes,1-333 numbers, red in fig), but I am struggling to find a way to map these ParcelIDs to the corresponding ‘annot’ labels in the ggseg(colourful in fig, eg, CinguloOperc_1, Default_21…).


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Hi @fullcream,

What are the sources of these spreadsheets?


Thank you for your prompt response.
I have updated the original post to include this information. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

My goal is to visualize the values of 333 nodes (Gordon atlas) by mapping them onto a brain plot. Specifically, do you happen to know the method used to create brain maps like the one shown below?

Any guidance or advice on this would be very helpful.

Thank you once again for your time and help.

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How was the first spreadsheet made or where did it come from? Knowing this may make it more clear how the ParcelIDs relate to ggseg parcel values.

And you find this helpful in making brain plots: (and the associated paper:

Thank you for your response.

The first spreadsheet originates from the website of Dr. Evan Gordon’s lab, who is the author of the Gordon atlas. This particular resource provides detailed information about the Cortical Parcellation as described in Gordon et al. (2016), Cerebral Cortex ( The Gordon atlas comprises 333 cortical parcels, and the first spreadsheet includes the ParcelIDs for these 333 nodes.

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Thank you for sharing these resources. They seem useful, and I am currently exploring them.