MCRIB 2.0 volumetric parcellation

I hope you are doing well.

With my colleagues we would like to apply the MCRIB 2.0 parcellation scheme ( link to paper ) to the dHCP dataset for the study of structural and functional connectomics.

We have noticed that the DrawEM submodule of MIRTK should at some point have the functionality to run the segmetation with MCRIB 2.0 atlas. However, this is not yet available.

I know the question is not 100% related to the dhcp, but as you have much experience with the software in question, we were wondering if you could suggest another approach to apply the MCRIB 2.0 atlas to the data?
Maybe you already have an optimal solution in mind for the parcellation while waiting for the DrawEM v1.3 to be released?

I will be thankful for any advice or suggestions.


Hi @AdaG,

There are a few people who have been asking for the MCRIB2.0 parcellation to be integrated into the dHCP structural pipeline. It looks like DrawEM v1.3 is available/has the capacity to use MCRIB2.0 as an atlas (see here), unless I am mistaken… However, it hasnt been integrated into the dHCP structural pipeline, and to do so is not straightforward. You could try git clone the structural pipeline and modify the code to integrate the MCRIB2.0 atlas?

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Hello Logan,
thank you very much for your response.
Unfortunately, the DrawEM v1.3 is not yet available (the current available version is v1.2.1). That’s I was trying my luck here :slight_smile: I have some leads from the authors of the atlas now so I will investigate. It would be nice to have the MCRIB2.0 integrated in the dhcp pipeline in the future though.

In any case, thank you very much for the advice!
Have a lovely day,