Meaning of numTS and sizeTS in FSL/film_gls and why numTS=0

Hi, I’m trying to do some post-fmriprep 1st and 2nd level modelling using nipype and FSL tools through python. I largely copied the code provided by the poldrack lab, from here. I’ve verified that their script works fully (subject to some minor modifications due to package updates), but when I run the same on (a subset of) my data, I simply don’t get parameter estimates created by my film_gls command, and so when it comes to retrieve the results, the file doesn’t exist. I tried running the film_gls command alone, and what this showed me is that the design matrix had 995 rows, 8 columns, sizeTS=995 and numTS=0

This is in contrast to running the same command on the data provided by Poldrack lab, where nrows=180, ncols=13 and sizeTS=180, with numTS=35721.

Something makes me think this numTS is the issue. But what is numTS and what does it mean for it to be zero?

Many thanks!