MNE python of MATLAB for EEG

Which one would be a better choice to analyse EEG data MNE python or EEGlab in MATLAB?


EEGLAB been around for some time and a lot of people in the EEG analysis are using it, last time I have checked MNE a lot of its functionality was undocumented and the project was still under development. EEGLAB is in a much more mature state. Futhermore, there’s a lot of plugins for EEGLAB by which the functionality can be extended. On another hand MNE allows you to pipe the data into any python package, some of which are very usefull indeed and do not have a matlab analogue (scikit-learn, tensorflow, etc).

When I analysed EEG data a year ago or so I looked at MNE, but ended up using EEGLAB. However, once MNE achieves maturity I will seriously consider switching to it as I am not keen on matlab.

Nothing really stops you from using both, as MNE has a module to import m files.


Thanks for the input. Recently, I saw few labs switching from EEGLAB to MNE so I think MNE has improved over the last year. Even I am more comfortable with python so I suggest you to check the new improvements in MNE now.
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Ahoi hoi folks,

I would like to make a case for MNE here.
Leaving the obvious (open source, python) aside, MNE is a very mature package with lots of functionality that is documented well in tutorials, examples and API references. Given the fantastic integration in the wider scientific python ecosystem a broad range of analyses is supported and straightforward to implement: ERP, TFA, source modelling, connectivity, decoding, encoding, etc. . Not to mention the stunning graphics! Furthermore, it supports MEG, EEG, sEEG as well as ECoG and versatile automated tests ensure the functionality and catch bugs. Taken together, I highly recommend to check out MNE and give it a try. It’s a rewarding and transformative experience!

Cheers, Peer


The tutorials for MNE Python are really well prepared & easy to understand, making smooth entry into using MNE Python. My lab is changing over to Python/MNE Python after ~20 years of using MATLAB/EEGLAB.
-Aina Puce


You may also want to look at Field Trip

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Here is my endorsement of MNE-Python:


You may want to check-out automatic analysis, a MATLAB-based pipeline solution. I am working on integrating EEGLAB and FieldTrip to add scalability and reproducibility. I have a WIP branch with an example workflow.


I would like to add here that the WIP branch is now merged into my master, and the number of use cases has been extended by adding source reconstruction and cross-frequency analysis. You can check out the updated example, as well as my demo on INCF2021.