MNI Space of Neurosynth

Hi all,

I wonder which MNI space version (MNINlin/Lin/etc.) is being used in Neurosynth. I searched but I couldn’t find anything.


The template in the Neurosynth code repository is MNI152NLin6Asym with 2 mm3 resolution.

Just to add on a bit, I think that MNI space is really just approximate. As a tool that parses the literature for coordinates, Neurosynth, I believe, only tries to see if the data is MNI or Talairach space. If the data is Talairach space, the coordinates are transformed with an approximation to MNI space. The MNI space coordinates are placed somewhat coarsely onto the 2mm grid (probably from that template @tsalo mentioned) without any further transformations for differences among the many MNI spaces. Found this on the Neurosynth site:

The images are all nominally in MNI152 2mm space (the default space in SPM and FSL), though there’s a bit more to it than that, because technically we don’t account very well for stereotactic differences between studies in the underlying database (we convert Talairach to MNI, but it’s imperfect, and we don’t account for more subtle differences between, e.g., FSL and SPM templates).