More categories?

How do we add new categories to the site? It currently only has two: site feedback, and uncategorized. That seems a bit narrow :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think that’s a good idea.
Any suggestions?

We could start with different methods of investigation of the nervous system:

  • Diffusion MRI
  • Functional MRI
  • Structural MRI
  • Electrophysiology: EEG
  • Electrophysiology: MEG
  • Electrophysiology: MUA
  • Electrophysiology: Single cell recordings
  • Optical imaging

And so on…

And then modes of activity:

  • Software
  • Education
  • New papers/findings

What’s the advantage of categories over tags?

Sorry about the delay. I’m getting slammed with things that have to happen before the end of the year. :pensive:

So, with categories, you have more options for things the trust levels for posting/reading/replying, the setting for how they appear, making boilerplate templates for posting, or which tags can be used. Categories can also have hierarchical relationships. They’re “subforums”.

But, yeah on the discourse user forum tags vs. categories gets talked about frequently, apparently:


We’re planning on using Neurostars for this year’s Google Summer of Code, so we might break them out into their own category. Maybe we have a “Q/A” category that we move all the existing “Uncategorised” topics into, and maybe add some additional subcategories to that list? Might be good to just add more tags too.

It this sounding reasonable?

I am not sure that recategorizing “uncategorized” as “Q/A” would make sense. Arguably the entire site is “Q/A”, but having a category for GSoC makes sense to me.

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Yeah, I think the GSoC category is probably going to be less the Q/A format and more just a straight forum.

But for the “uncategorized” topics, is there another category term that might work for this ( that’s better than “Q/A” )?

I like how 3D Slicer’s discourse page is arranged:

This said I appreciate there are key differences between the needs of the 3D Slicer community (one software package) and that of neurostars (general neuro questions, many different software packages).

I like @Ariel_Rokem proposal. Would stick with the simple: “Questions”, “Announcements”, “Site feedback”


So, I’m going to propose the following categories:

  • Neuro Questions ( the core function of this forum )
  • GSoC ( Google Summer of Code proposals and workspace)
  • Announcements ( Things like software releases and job openings )
  • Site Feedback ( When there’s a suggestion/problem/concern )

( There was some concern about “Are questions supposed to be general questions or other kinds of questions, like how do I use this site and how do I apply to Google Summer of Code?”. Making it “Neuro Questions” is an attempt to clarify that…)

Does this sound reasonable? I think we should work up some explanation text as well that explains the purpose of the category.

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