Mrf_weighting option in spm.NewSegment()


Can you tell me the default value for mrf_weighting (markov random field)and clean up option in nipype spm.NewSegment() function and how I can set it?

I’ll try to answer the questions I think I understood from your message.

0.15, although it is an input only available to VBMSegment.

If you are asking for cleanup_partitions, the default value is 1. Again, defined only for NewSegment.

It is not a function, it is a class (we call these Nipype Interfaces). And NewSegment doesn’t seem to have mrf_weighting nor cleanup_partitions as inputs, they seem to belong to the VBMSegment interface.

As any other input to a Nipype Interface:

from nipype.interfaces.spm import VBMSegment
segment = VBMSegment(mrf_weighting=2.0, cleanup_partitions=0)


from nipype.interfaces.spm import VBMSegment
segment = VBMSegment()
segment.inputs.mrf_weighting = 2.0
segment.inputs.cleanup_partitions = 0