MRI Size and FOV

Ok, so I’m looking at this data set where the scan size shows up as different when I look at them in FSL. How do I verify the scans are different sizes or is this just an FSL operator error? Also, when I load two scans at the same time, the ‘orientation/field of view’ error popups up. Is that related to the size?

Hi @ostine , could you be a bit more specific about the data you are looking at?
You could use the command fslinfo or fslhd to look at the size and the orientations of your images.

Hi, yeah. I am looking at brain T1w’s. The command fslhd and fslinfo were helpful; everything matched that should have matched. When we use the info command on fsleyes, it shows the scans having different dimensions (see attached). It feels like in fsleyes they all do. I don’t know enough about fsleyes dimensions to know if that is a problem.

Could you share the output of fslhd and the info of FSLeyes for those images?