Mricron brain image faulty. Can't see the ventricles

I am using Mricron for my thesis. Recently i shifted to a new pc and the brain images are not displaying properly. I can only see the landmark placed. Rest is dark. Does any one know how to solve this?


Mricron version - v1.0.20190902

  • I notice your minimum range starts from 0.0781: what happens if you set this to zero?
  • Maybe you can provide a similar screenshot on an older computer where you do see the image.
  • Have you tried a drag gesture over the image? The drag (hold a right click while moving the mouse over a portion of the image) will tune the contrast for the selected region.
  • These tools were created by a single developer (me), who also carries a heavy teaching, research and service burden. In general, this means that while I hope my legacy tools are mature and robust, I focus my efforts on the latest tools. In general, MRIcro 1999-2005, MRIcron 2006-2011, MRIcroGL 2011-2021, NiiVue 2021-. Therefore, I would suggest trying MRIcroGL.
  • If these fail, feel free to send me a sample of your problematic images.

Thank you for the response.
I opened it in the wrong file format. Now its working.