MRIQC Boxplot whisker description?

Hi All,

Has anyone worked out what the whiskers on the MRIQC box plots signify?

As per this issue it doesn’t seem to be 1.5 IQR, no from my own quick sums it doesn’t seem to be 1 or 2 sd…? Am I missing something?

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Hi @cassgvp,

Looking at the codebase, it seems as though the whiskers on the MRIQC boxplots signify “the closest value to [1.5x] the IQR without going past it” (that link goes to a code comment from the MRIQC repository where the whisker value is calculated). So, the whisker is never going to be exactly 1.5 unless you’re very lucky with your values, but should be close.

Let me know if that makes sense in terms of what you’ve calculated (to confirm I’m not totally misreading the code :sweat_smile:)!

Hope that helps,

That’s super helpful, thank you so much. :star_struck:

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