Mriqc framewise displacement - identify frames above threshold


I am working with fMRI data and successfully performed mriqc on the dataset.
Mainly, I am interested in parameters related to framewise displacement.
Apart from fd_mean, fd_num and fd_perc, is there a way to extract which timepoints/frames were identified as being above the given threshold?
I tried to search for the data with which the FD[mm] time course is plotted in the individual bold report, but couldn’t find the numbers.
Is there a possibility to get the time course data or identify the frames above the threshold somewhere else?
(I tried to look through the intermediate results, but didn’t succeed in identifying which file(s) would be helpful.)
For me it would be helpful to know which frames are above the threshold in order to exclude these frames from the analysis or put the information into a regressor when modeling.

Thank you very much for your help!