MRIQC: Interpretation of IQMs

Hi! I am new to MRIQC and I have few queries while interpreting the IQMs for the structural images.
Are there threshold values for metrics such as CNR, SNR, EFC, FBER, QI1, and FWHM?
The documentation only says either smaller or larger values are better. But is there a particular number above or below which the results are good indication?

For example, I got an average FWHM value of 3.99, FBER value of 844.82, and CNR value of 3.11. Are these good results ?

Thank you

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Hey @Nidhi_R,

please check out the following conversation here - this might be helpful :slight_smile:

cheers, dominik

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Hey @dominikkraft

Thank you very much! I shall go through this!

The MRIQC paper describes why there aren’t such thresholds and how you could train MRIQC’s classifier to operate on your data.