Examples of good images in visual report of fMRI/MRIQc

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Both MRIQC and fMRIPrep generate great visual reports for quality check. However, these reports need visual examination, which is subjective and requires rich experience with imaging data. So I wonder is there any document showing how to assess these visual reports and better with examples of good ones. Any suggestion is welcome, thanks in advance!


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You could also have a look at https://github.com/elizabethbeard/mriqception, which allows you to compare your MRIQC metrics to openly available metrics from larger cohorts. It´s still subjective, but gives you a better idea about your distribution / outliers.


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Hi @Shengjie_Xu,

I am preparing for my first run through with #mriqc & #fmriprep so I am in an identical position. Thank you to @dominikkraft for the info.

A couple of months ago, I was able to find a similar thread for fMRIPrep (fMRIPrep Tutorial ), which led me to @Shotgunosine’s guide (https://github.com/nimh-mbdu/fmriprep_qa_guide ). Unsure about how helpful it is as I have not got that far yet but maybe someone else has experience!


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Hi @nbray005 and @dominikkraft, Thanks for your great info on how to do a visual assessment!

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There’s a very useful series of posts on practicalfmri.blogspot.com, such as:

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Hi @franklin,

Any update on a guide to QCing fmriprep’s outputs?



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Hi @Shotgunosine

I believe @oesteban is working on this - perhaps may be able to give an update

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Hi @jaetzel,

Sincerely sorry for my late reply. I find the posts you put here super excellent! Thanks again for your help!

Hi there, in addition to the above guides/tools etc, you may find VisualQC to be helpful for your task as well. Take a look at some examples for fMRI here.

If you have a rather advanced need e.g. to check artefacts along with alignment accuracy etc, I am happy to help you to customize it for your applications to suit your needs.

you might also find the tool listed here on niQC website helpful.

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