fMRIPrep Tutorial

With love to those ~40% of participants in our survey who wanted more educational materials for fMRIPrep. Franklin has put together a great guide, check it out!

fMRIPrep tutorial: Running the docker image | Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience


Thanks, @franklin ! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! @oesteban, I will be following the tutorial and want to replicate similar steps on my data.

Is there any guidance out there for what exactly we should be looking for in all of FMRIprep’s great QA output? If not, can I request that as a post sometime soon?

hi @Shotgunosine

Thank you for raising this! We do not have this guidance (at least in a post/documented). I have added this to our log!

Thnk you,

I started putting together a guide here:

I’d love go get any help or suggestions anyone has for this. I’m particularly unsure about what to review in these sections:

  • Variance explained by t/aCompCor components
  • Correlations among nuisance regressors