MRIQC removes trailing "s" from participant labels

Our participant IDs all start with a “s” (e.g., s001, s002, etc). However, MRIQC drops these when parsing the inputs, then complaints participant label 001, 002, etc doesn’t exist.

mriqc /data/[REDACTED]/BIDS ${TMPDIR}/s23279.out participant --participant_label s23279 -w ${TMPDIR}/s23279.wrk --n_procs 1 --no-sub

mriqc: error: One or more participant labels were not found in the BIDS directory: 23279.

Let me add that the last version that didn’t have this problem was 0.14.2. We can’t run any more recent version (containerized or not) without this problem.


Hi @winkler, what version were you using? 0.16.0 was released relatively recently.

We tried with multiple recent versions, including the latest one.

Hi Anderson, we did figure out the issue, and it should be fixed in 0.16.1, which was released between my post and yours. Did you see that, or is there still an issue in that version?

Thanks Chris! We’ll give it a try in the next round of processing, thanks!

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