MRIQC removes trailing "s" from participant labels

Our participant IDs all start with a “s” (e.g., s001, s002, etc). However, MRIQC drops these when parsing the inputs, then complaints participant label 001, 002, etc doesn’t exist.

mriqc /data/[REDACTED]/BIDS ${TMPDIR}/s23279.out participant --participant_label s23279 -w ${TMPDIR}/s23279.wrk --n_procs 1 --no-sub

mriqc: error: One or more participant labels were not found in the BIDS directory: 23279.

Let me add that the last version that didn’t have this problem was 0.14.2. We can’t run any more recent version (containerized or not) without this problem.


Hi @winkler, what version were you using? 0.16.0 was released relatively recently.

We tried with multiple recent versions, including the latest one.