Mriqc web api: accessing updated ratings and quality control metrics

I’m trying to look through the most recent user ratings and quality control metrics with the mriqc web api, which I think is at But when I try to get those ratings, I see only 25. Likewise, a get to /ratings_count suggests that there are only up to 25 ratings available. That seems low, way fewer than were mentioned by Esteban et al. (2019). I know that there are a few earlier snapshots available (e.g.,, but I was more interested in looking at an updated dataset. Are those available somewhere else?

I don’t have much experience with RESTful web services, so it feels plausible that I’m doing something wrong.

Edit - In case it helps to get a response, here’s how I’m trying to access the data (sorry, it’s not python but instead R)


g <- GET("")

rating <- content(g, "parsed", flatten = FALSE) %>%
  magrittr::extract2(1) %>%
  map(data.frame) %>%
  bind_rows() %>%

And it looks like there are only 25 records.

With curl from a terminal

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json"

there is a field giving that "max_results": 25.