Mris_anatomical_stats using a probabilistic map (instead of binary ROI) to get voxel-weighted mean metrics?


I’m helping out a student getting anatomical statistics for their datasets using a set of anatomical ROIs, which we did succesfully.

(grosso modo: register MNI152 → fsaverage, then each ROI vol → fsaverage vol, followed by each ROI vol → fsaverage surface, then mri_vol2label on the ROI surface for each hemisphere and white/pial surface. Afterwards, for each subject and ROI, mri_label2label for fsaverage and the subject, ending with mris_anatomical_stats for each subjects ROI, hemisphere, surface).

The student now asked me if it could be possible to use a face probabilistic map instead of the binary ROI maps to do the same same analysis, but to generate weighted mean statistics based on the probability map provided. I’ve read throughout the Freesurfer documentation and forums don’t think it is possible (I haven’t really pushed on if it would be appropriate scientifically to do so), so I wanted to post this question here if anyone else may know if it is/isn’t possible.