Multi echo rs-fMRI BIDS Creating Empthy events.tsv file

Hello everyone!

I am currently working with multi-echo rs-fMRI data and I am trying to first BIDS the data we have. I used “bids_ME” as the function to create my “” file. Then, after executing the heudiconv command on the data, an empty “event.tsv” file is created in the func folder. This “.tsv” file raises a warning when running BIDS-validator, which removing that would sucessfully validate the output (multi-echo BIDS). I was wondering if there is anyway to control for this issue.

Here is the warning: “[WARN] Tabular file contains custom columns not described in a data dictionary (code: 82 - CUSTOM_COLUMN_WITHOUT_DESCRIPTION)
I could not attach the .tsv file here but it only contains “onset duration trial_type response_time stim_file TODO – fill in rows and add more tab-separated columns if desired”

Thank you very much.

heudiconv generates these empty events files automatically to remind users to add valid ones. Events files aren’t necessary for resting-state data, so you can just remove them from the dataset.

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Great, thank you very much tsalo.