Myconnectome with fmriprep and AROMA


I’m using the myconnectome rs-fMRI data as part of a collaboration with Russ etc.

I’ve downloaded the latest rs-fMRI preprocessed data from openfmri (revision 1.0.4) and noticed these images have not had the noise components removed with AROMA.

I was wondering at some point were these going to be provided? I can obviously regress out the usual confounds (WM, global signal, motion etc), but I figure it’s probably best having the most optimally cleaned data.

Keep up the good work guys!,


At this point there are not plans to provide those outputs. Additionally, due to extreme longitudinal nature of this data it currently would exceed 48h processing limit on OpenNeuro. The best option is to process it offline using your own resources.

Thanks @ChrisGorgolewski,

That’s completely understandable.

I just noticed the “CSF” signals are missing from the confounds file. Is the inclusion of this confound based upon a later development of fmriprep?



CSF is not included, because we are not able to robustly extract this signal in all cases (for example when ventricles are small and BOLD resolution is low).

ventricular csf should be accessible in most cases.