Napari Plugin Release: time series plotter

Dear Neurostars community,

I would like to announce the release of the napari-time_series_plotter, a napari plugin for visualization of 3D or 4D time series data. The plugin offers a fast and easy solution to visualize signal / time curves of 3D (2D + t) and 4D (3D + t) images inside of napari.

You can select multiple image layers at once and display the signal of pixels / voxels along the time axis by simply hovering the mouse over the pixel / voxel while holding “shift”. The different layers will be represented by individual graphs in a single plot docked to the viewer.

If you encounter bugs or wish for additional features feel free to open issues on the official GitHub side!
GitHub: napari-time_series_plotter

You can either download the plugin from PyPi: pip install napari-time-series-plotter
or directly inside of the napari viewer.

I hope some of you might find the plugin useful,