Need feedback on BIDS Specification

Hi everyone!

I’m a research assistant at Bachlab, Uni Bonn and we are working on defining the BIDS specification for one of our upcoming projects - chalking out the basic data management Do’s and Don’ts in a document before beginning the experimentation phase. Is there any place I can upload the document and get some community feedback?


BIDS BEPs start off in google docs for initial feedback with good success. That may be a good place to write everything down. Posting a link here and on well get some eyes on it when its ready.

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I woukd recommend having a look at the bids starter kit which ideally is supposed to be the place for this kid of things.

If some information is missing there, I would really like to know so we can improve the starter kit for everyone.


Thanks for the reply @rwblair!

This isn’t really a BEP. It’s more like a guide for our lab members and collaborators on getting our datasets into BIDS format. It proposes nothing new, just a more concise version of the main BIDS Specification and some information from few BEPs, guidelines more specific to the data files that we will be dealing with in the course of upcoming experiments.
Do you still think a Google Docs file is the way to go?

I second @Remi-Gau. Please feel free to make the doc you want and share it around here for comment, but anything that is not currently in the starter kit would be great to fold in, if it’s not too lab-specific.

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