Network Visualizations (matrix, connectome, circle graph)

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would ask the community how you visualize large matrices of data (that are symmetric and are some sort of connectivity measure). I have an example I was toying with here, but I haven’t found a similar published image that looks like that.

Has anyone used bctpy (the python alternative to Brain Connectivity Toolbox? I like the circle graphs they provide.

EDIT: one image I may want to emulate is how this group made the matrix here with colorbars in the axes, but I’m not even sure what I would have to change in matplotlib to get that behavior.

Thank you!

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Seaborn has some elegant visualizations for matrices of this sort:


Thank you, these are great examples!

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I should probably also mention similar visualizations that we wrote in nitime, including graph visualizations:

The layout here is not a circle, but I think you could set it as a circle using networkx (which is doing the layout under the hood):