Neuro_Ansible: Ansible project for provisioning Neuroimaging tools


I have been working for some time already in this and tested it in different places.

I’ve made an Ansible project which provisions and configures a Ubuntu machine with the most used neuroimaging tools, with some tweaks it installs some others tools as well. Ansible can be used to provision locally or remotely any machine to which you have ssh access to.

It installs as it is setup right now:

  • AFNI
  • SPM12 on MCR
  • FSL from Neurodebian
  • ANTs
  • DCM2NIIx
  • Camino

With a few changes it can also install:

  • Insight Toolkit
  • VTK
  • SimpleITK
  • Eigen3

It also creates 2 Python environments:

  • one with most Nipy projects, and
  • another my tool Neuro-Pypes.

What I love most about Ansible is that it is really flexible and you can use the command ansible-playbook to run any of the mentioned installations also separately. The syntax of the files is very clear, it uses YAML everywhere, it is a setup that is very easy to tweak for your own needs.

Another nice feature I’ve added recently using Packer is that it can create a Docker image file with these to be imported in a Docker container or you can directly provision a new local running Docker container.

I hope this is useful for someone else, please have a look: