Neuro Gaming and application of the skills in practice

Most people here probably have already seen or registered to the Neuro Gaming conference this Saturday

And my question is do you know of any resources and materials related to EEG and gaming that one can learn from? I myself come from VR space and I would love to get into VR + EEG applications, both from data analysis point and the means of combining the two.


This is super interesting topic and thanks for sharing the info about the event, I have not heard about it before.

I do not know any literature about EEG and gaming, but I did find few papers related to neurorehabilitation gaming, where they create virtual space and connect it with EEG headset. However, the focus was not on the game itself so you can see a very moderate graphics and not so exciting gaming experience :smiley:

But I do want to follow this topic in case someone knows more about VR EEG gaming

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Neurorehabilitation gaming is definitely an interesting application. I think MindMaze does something like that

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