NeuroFedora is looking to take on trainees

NeuroFedora is looking to take on trainees. If you can spare a few hours a week, join the community and see what you can do, and learn.


Hi, Is this opportunity still available? If yes, please let me know on how can we connect to get more information.
Thank you.

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Yes, NeuroFedora is a community run project, so you can look into joining whenever you want.

I’ve replied to your e-mail now too. It was sent to the mailing-list owner, so I’ve also CCd the mailing list there so the community is able to interact with you too.

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Hi, what kind of skillset are you looking for?

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None at all. It’s a Free Software based community project, so anyone can join and do whatever interests them and learn in the process. NeuroFedora is currently heavily focussed on software development, specifically, building neuroscience tools from their sources and making them available for use on the Fedora Linux distribution. So it requires some understanding of software development and the tools that it relies on. However, you will be able to learn all of this while working on tasks.

Take a look here:

General information about the Fedora Free/Open Source community is here:

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Thanks @sanjayankur31

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hi ,
i am interested,how can i join .i will be happy to contribute.

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Please take a look at this link:

and get in touch using any of our communication channels: