NeuroHackademy 2021: Call for applications

We are happy to announce a call for applications to participate in Neurohackademy 2021!

This two-week hands-on workshop will be held online, July 19th - 30th, 2021.

NeuroHackademy focuses on tools and techniques used to analyze human neuroscience data, on methods used to extract information from large datasets of publicly available data (such as the Human Connectome Project, OpenfMRI, etc.), and on tools for making human neuroscience research open and reproducible.

NeuroHackademy sessions in the first week will include lectures and tutorials on data science, machine learning, data visualization, and data resources, as well as extended Q&A sessions. The second week will be devoted primarily to participant-directed activities: guided work on team projects, hackathon sessions, and breakout sessions on topics of interest.

For more details and a preliminary list of instructors, see:

We are now accepting applications to participate at

Ideally, applicants should have some prior experience with programming and with neuroscience data analysis, but we welcome applications from participants with a variety of relevant backgrounds.

Accepted applicants will be asked to pay a fee of $20 upon final registration. A limited number of fee waivers will be available.

Important dates:

May 3rd: Application deadline

May 24th: Notification of acceptance

June 7th: Final registration deadline


Hi @arokem , I would like to participate in NeuroHackademy but it is happening at the same time as NeuroMatch Academy. What are the similarities and differences between the two?
Where can I find more information about the target audience for NeuroHackademy?

Thank you

Despite the similar names (sorry about that!), the course actually cover quite different ground. If I understand correctly, Neuromatch Academy is more focused on computational neuroscience, while NeuroHackademy is more focused on human neuroscience methods. Neurohackademy aims to teach some foundational data science skills, such as programming in Python, use of version controls, deployment with docker and cloud computing. IIUC, that is out of scope for Neuromatch Academy, where I think that Python is used to demonstrate concepts, but learning these tools/techniques is not really a focus. In terms of target audience, there is some overlap as both course primarily target trainees in neuroscience. Iā€™d say NeuroHackademy is slightly more oriented towards folks who are using human neuroscience methods, and particularly neuroimaging methods.

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Thanks! I am sending my application right now. I hope the hackathon is happening this year

I know the deadline is tomorrow but I want to share this video as it was really helpful in further explaining NeuroHackademy: